Adult Fitness and non-performing dance groups are held in sessions.  The annual registration fee does not apply to classes that run in sessions.

Also check out our Jazz and Tap classes for dancers with previous experience! These classes perform in recitals and run Oct - May

for the 2020-2021 season.  

Adult Classes Descriptions

BARRE Fitness

This total body conditioning program blends classical ballet exercises with Pilates, yoga, and strength movements.  Burn fat and increase lean muscle with this low-impact form of exercise.  We will use the ballet barre as well as center work to perform a variety of exercises to target multiple muscles.   
Bring a mat and 2-3 lb dumbbells to class.

Barre-Yoga Fusion

BARRE Fitness blended with Yoga postures and strength training for a total body workout!  All levels will be challenged in this class, no previous barre or yoga experience is necessary.  Extended class time allows for a longer cool down and deep stretches.  Bring a mat and 2-3 lb dumbbells to class.  

Cardio Barre Bootcamp - NEW for Fall 2020
Work your booty, core, upper body, and endurance with this upbeat and intense class!  A blend of boot camp and barre moves, we will utilize the ballet barre for booty-targeting , along with cardio and strength intervals .   End class with core exercises and a nice stretch.  Burn calories and have fun!  All fitness levels are welcome, modifications will be given.   Bring a mat and 2-3 lb dumbbells to class.    Additional equipment will be supplied as needed. 

​Fitness Yoga 

An active class with an emphasis on proper form and alignment.  This class will provide a great workout consisting of flowing yoga postures, deep stretches and balance work.  Designed for all levels with modifications and challenges given.  Bring a yoga mat to class.

Yoga Core
Increase core strength and body flexibility with this challenging class!  A vinyasa flow yoga class with extra core work added in for a total body workout.  All abilities are welcome; modifications will be given for various levels. Bring a yoga mat to class.

Yoga Basics 

This class covers the basics of yoga.  Learn yoga poses and sequences at a beginner's pace while concentrating on proper alignment and breath.  Modifications and challenges will be given for various abilities.  Bring a mat to class.  

Adult Tap (Session class)

Find your rhythm is this fun class!  Designed for adults with little or no experience with tap, we will learn basic steps and combine them for a short routine.  Dress comfortably and wear tap shoes. 

Adult Ballet

A classical ballet class designed for all levels.  Improve posture and create long lean muscles with ballet training.  Learn proper technique with barre work, stretching and combinations.  Wear fitted clothing and ballet shoes to class. 

Adult Classes:  Jazz and Tap for Experienced Dancers (October - May)
Adults with previous dance experience are welcome to join our performing classes!  Whether you have recently danced, or if you danced when younger and are looking to get back into it, join our adult classes for a fun performance experience.  Participants will follow our standard calendar for the school year season, and will perform in recitals as well as one local competition in the spring.