Dancers in grade 6 and above may choose which dance styles to enroll in.  Recreational classes are for all levels. Competition Team dancers are encouraged to enroll in recreational classes to further their technique development.  First three classes are full price, then tuition is 50% off for each class after three.  

Class Descriptions

The foundation for all styles of dance.  Ballet focuses on technique and proper body alignment. Build strength and increase flexibility while dancing at the barre and completing center exercises.   Soft ballet shoes required, pink for girls, black for boys.

The ballet art form done on the pointe of the foot.  All Pointe participants are required to take ballet class  Instructor approval required prior to registration.

Jazz & Lyrical Combo
A blend of classic and modern jazz movements are blended and modified to give dancers a full range of movements for jazz.  Lyrical incorporates soft and flowing movements while telling a story through dance.   Isolations, releases and contractions, along with proper technique for turns and leaps will be focused on.  Appropriate and popular music is used.  Tan jazz shoes and tan half sole lyrical soles are required.  

Learn to use the balls of your feet with flat footed accents to develop a strong sense of rhythm and an understanding of how to work the entire foot.  Black tap shoes required.  

A street form of dance, hip hop emphasizes lock and flow within the body.  Learn speed and agility, along with flexibility and balance for a fun free style!  Tennis Shoes for indoor - use only required. 

Acro Dance
Dance upside down! Learn  fun dance moves, tumbling skills and acrobatic tricks.  Teamwork is promoted through formations and partner work.  Tan half-sole shoes required.